Our Capital’s Coolest Co-working Spaces!

Here are our capital’s Top 3 coolest co-working spaces where you can work in the most stylish environs.

Today’s technology has allowed us to live and work a progressive style. If you are a freelancer and a big fan of industrial modern style and bright and airy lofts decor, here are our Top 3 coolest co-working spaces in Bangkok. Don’t miss out!


credit : http://www.facebook.com/hubbathailand

Discovery Hubba

Located at Ekkhamai, Hubba was the first co-working space in Bangkok, however, Discovery Hubba is the brand-new look. It is situated on the 4th floor of Siam Discovery and connected to BTS Siam, thus making it a prime location in Bangkok. The open-plan studio offers a friendly and peaceful workspace for creatives. The studio is a combination of wooden and industrial decoration with a warm and cozy design, vintage armchairs and plethora of ornamental plants. It is the ideal studio if you’re looking to chill-out and cut down on your stress level.



credit : thehive.co.th
credit : thehiveprakanong.com

The Hive Bangkok

The Hive Bangkok is a members’ co-working space located at one of the hottest spots in town: Thong Lor and and the Prakanong. It offers meeting rooms, post boxes and storage units. The wood-dominated loft design has a requisite coffee shop chic with lounge seats and access to a rooftop garden and bar.


Open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm.


credit : http://www.facebook.com/phynncoworkingspace
credit : http://www.facebook.com/phynncoworkingspace

Phynn Co-Working Space

Phynn, a local slang word meaning freelance work and young creative, is a Port of Entry for a much-needed space to plan your next projects. The office features raw design work in blue surroundings with wooden desks and loft chair bar. This is the place to head for those in the media industry in the Ramkhamhaeng area, in need of joining a funky new community.


518/15-16 Ramkhamaeng Soi 39, 092-2502-802.

Open daily 11am-10pm.



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