Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection “Maverick

Angelys Balek is a fine artist turned fashion designer who is best known for her exclusive seasonal prints. For her FW16 Collection “Maverick” Angelys continues to be inspired by nature. The receipt of a gift of a bouquet with its wood stems, captivating color arrangements and unusual shapes left an acute impression on Angelys, making her curious to explore the elements of flowers through a microscope. This process allowed Angelys to discover a different perspective of one of her favorite parts of nature and introduce us to new patterns and colors in her prints.

Angelys Balek continues to give a sophisticated edge to classic silhouettes with her print placement, print layering, asymmetry, cutouts and unexpected seams. In this FW16 collection Angelys introduces pleating, leather, knitwear and fur. Angelys was very attracted to the different textures and richness these materials brought to the collection. Introducing intarsia knits and fur allowed Angelys to develop her prints with new techniques. She continues to explore printing and embroidering on different fabrics including silks, viscose, wool, jersey, and brocade to create a collection that can dress a woman for her casual weekend all the way through to a black tie gala. While the FW16 Collection is filled with new techniques and the brand has evolved immensely, AngelysBalek always stays true to the DNA of the brand and integrity of her art.


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